Having Chemistry On A First Date

Having Chemistry On A First Date

We’ve all heard people meeting on a first date and having chemistry. But what is having chemistry on a first date all about. And it can mean different things to different people.

For some chemistry is just the physical attraction. For others it can be a combination of factors, including things in common and physical attraction. Getting to know a person a little before a first date will help with chemistry.

There are actually people on dating apps that want to meet without even speaking. That is not only a sure way that you’ll probably have a bad date but could be dangerous. And you’ll waste time on the date talking about very basic things you could have covered over the phone. But what happens if a different person shows up ? Remember you haven’t even heard their voice yet. Who wants to be trapped on a date with someone with an annoying voice.

It’s a good idea to video chat before meeting. That will eliminate any catfish issues and you’ll see if you like the person.

Once you’re on your date, its good to sit next to them, not across. You’ll be able to hear each other better.

Here are some signs that the person has chemistry with you when on your date.

  • The person touches you while talking.
  • They lean into you or move closer as you talk more.
  • They are generally happy, smile and laugh
  • The conversation flows smoothly with the person being very interested in what you say.
  • They ask a lot about you including topics of family, friends and past relationships.
  • They talk about how they are happy that you met
  • The person complements you

The easiest thing to do to test for chemistry, is to hold their hand. And yes, ladies will try to hold your hand too. If they don’t pull away and hold it for a while, it’s a safe bet you’ll be able to kiss.

But remember, even a great first date with chemistry may not last to a second date. People process what happens after the first date.

So, having chemistry on a first date may be easier to spot if you follow the above tips.

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