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Coach Charlotte


5.0 rating
October 2, 2020

I was really impressed with Coach Charlotte. I highly recommend her

5.0 rating
September 30, 2020

Coach Charlotte is the best. I have read many of her articles on the internet and she is so insightful. I have had so many rude men message me on dating apps. I am no longer intimidated by those fools. Confidence is everything. Thank you guys for all your help.

5.0 rating
July 13, 2020

Just did my first session with Charlotte. I can tell you, that she really understood what I was saying. I was a little afraid at first to tell my story to a stranger but she made me feel comfortable.

5.0 rating
June 23, 2020

I just found this site on Google. Coach Charlotte is amazing. She has been through a lot of what I am going through. Its great to talk to someone who really understands and cares.

5.0 rating
June 10, 2020

Charlotte is great !