Matchmakers Collaborate On New Mingle Share Platform

Matchmakers Collaborate On New Mingle Share Platform

For those ladies and gentlemen who use professional matchmakers, the matching process has become a whole lot faster. In the past, matchmakers had to rely on their own database or referrals from other matchmakers to find singles. This was a slow manual process. Now matchmakers collaborate on new mingle share platform.

Matchmakers can now see available singles from other matchmaking services in real time instantly.

The new service is called Matchmakers Mingle, based in Toronto, Canada. And for a limited time, matchmakers can get a free trial. The other big news is that our parent company, Blue Island Digital, is offering free setup for this service. So there is no obligation or effort to get started !

This is a great service for smaller matchmakers who do not have large databases. Also, matchmakers are concerned about sharing client information. The service only shares the basic information. Therefore, the matchmaker keeps the hands on control of their clients.

And when trying to sign a new client, many times the prospective new client wants to see sample matches. Now, here is a way to get those pictures right away to help close new business.

Recently Love Boss Matchmaking joined the service and received a referral request almost immediately. According to Dating Coach Heather Howard, “I received an email several days after joining about one of our candidates. The matchmaker had a gentleman interested. I had never connected with this matchmaker before. What an easy collaboration tool.”

Through the efforts of Blue Island Digital, the service is now expanding into Australia and South Africa.

To start is simple. Just request the free trial and expert setup below. Then sign up for the free trial. Blue Island will take it from there on how to setup your database. And that’s it !

If you are a matchmaker and are interested, here is a link to request the free trial and expert setup.

Now that matchmakers collaborate on new mingle share platform, the matching process is a breeze. So, matchmakers don’t miss out on this no obligation free trial that will definitely help your business.

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